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Batoi Conducts a Developers’ Bootcamp on Batoi Framework

On the eve of the countdown towards launching the Batoi Cloud Platform (BCP) across India, Batoi hosted a 'Developers Bootcamp' in its corporate office in Bhubaneswar on Dec 03, 2016. The bootcamp wa

Jul 6, 2020

How to Use the PHP Array Function array_diff() in a Multidimensional Array

This article explains how to use the PHP Array Function array_diff() in a Multidimensional Array.

How to implement a facebook-like 'time ago' function

Learn how to implement a facebook-like "time ago" function. This format helps the users to get the information without dealing with any time format and timezone.

Feature Enhancement to Batoi Framework: Enable Single Sign-On for Your Application

A new feature has been added to the Batoi OSF, where you can incorporate the feature of Single Sign On (SSO) from different popular Identity Providers like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft Live.

Validate Phone Number Format using jQuery

Phone validation while validating a HTML form is a very important point. In this page we shall discuss how to validate a phone number having a specific format.

Send Email with PHPMailer and SMTP

This article describes how you can send email with PHPMailer and SMTP. Websites and web applications built on PHP language mostly send transactional emails.

Retain Inline Class and Tags in CKEditor

CKEditor strips the style classes when toggled between source view and HTML view. This article describes how you can retain inline class and tags in CKEditor.

Validate A Form using jQuery

Validating HTML forms is a very important aspect during form submission. jQuery helps in validating forms at client side by following the required steps.

Batoi Framework Merged with Its Next Generation Counterpart, Batoi OSF

After a major haul of the existing code base of the Batoi Framework, the entire framework has now been merged into the Batoi Open Source Framework (OSF).

Updates to Batoi Framework with Several Fixes and Enhancements

The Batoi Framework, the open-source PHP application development framework from Batoi, is now available with a number of revisions to the codebase. The current updated version is available for download.
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